Total Eclipse at the Orrasis

The Orrasis welcomes you to a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the 2024 total solar eclipse with us!

As a guest on our 6 acres you will have an opportunity to join in out of this world fun, and activities like star gazing, music, games, and a full BBQ meal!

From Friday April 5th through Monday April 8th there will be a concession stand with bottles of water, canned drinks, cups of ice, and bags of snacks. All of these items are $1 each.
If you’d like to hang out in TOTAL Eclipse Central with a big screen view of the eclipse happenings, enjoying music, games, the meal, and a pair of viewing glasses, this VIP package deal can be purchased for $75. This meal includes pulled pork, potato salad, cole slaw, beans, and bread. If you’d like a second plate of food the cost is $25. Thank you for your immediate response if you plan to purchase meals, so we can provide plenty of food for everyone.
Send the number of plates you plan to purchase today!

During the special event on April 8th, we will be closing all 3 gates to our property from 10am to 5pm. Necessary access to our property will be managed by staff through gate 3.
For everyone’s safety throughout the event weekend we will issue wristbands upon arrival. These bands will quickly identify guests and those welcome to be on the property.

The following games will be available to play as a part of the VIP package, with a cash pot gaming tournament happening after the eclipse. You may enter the tournament for $10 or $20.

Games available:
Hook and Ring

Due to the unknown nature of our internet connectivity during this event, all purchases will be CASH ONLY. Please come with cash as there is no ATM on the property. Marble Falls expects to run low on things like $, food, water, gasoline, propane, and other necessities. Traffic is expected to be VERY SLOW in Marble Falls and surrounding areas, so avoid the stress and chill with us here at the ORRASIS!

A neighborhood BBQ food truck will be open throughout the weekend for purchases of sandwiches and plates of food.

Schedule of events:

Sunday April 7, 7pm
By gate two (chicken coop) we will have a star gazing party! Live views of the moon through telescopes, astro binoculars, and deep sky object photography. Please, NO FLASHLIGHTS during this event.

Monday April 8

Live view of eclipse, telescope with solar filter, live video feed, music.

10:00AM – Gates close to property

11:30AM – Pink Floyd Music starts

12:00PM – Lunch service ($25/plate) Pulled Pork, potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, bread, drink.

12:17PM – Start of partial eclipse

12:52PM – Dark Side Of the Moon begins

01:34PM – Start of Total Eclipse (Dark Side Of the Moon ends)

01:36PM – Maximum Eclipse

01:38PM – Total Eclipse Ends

02:00PM – Lunch Service Ends

02:57PM – End of Partial Eclipse

03:00PM – Games Tournament Begins

05:00PM – Gates Open to property

07:00PM – Stargazing


We cant wait to see you for this celestial phenomenon!!

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